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Veterinary Surgery in League City

Compassionate Care for Your Animal Family Members

When your pet needs surgery to resolve a health problem, you can trust the League City veterinarians at Animal Kingdom Pet Hospital to treat them with the utmost care and compassion. We understand that surgery can be scary and overwhelming for both you and your pet, but we’ll be by your side throughout the entire process. As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital, we are fully equipped to perform a variety of surgical procedures for whatever your pet needs.

If you have questions about your pet’s upcoming surgery, call (281) 506-0766 or contact us online to learn how we can help!

We will take our time to review the surgical process with you and answer any questions you might have about your pet’s condition. We want to put your mind at ease, and we are here for you and your pet.

Eye Procedures

Our veterinary surgical team is fully equipped to handle a variety of surgeries related to your pet’s eyes and vision.

These include:

  • Cherry eye
  • Ectropion repair
  • Entropion repair
  • Meibomian gland (eyelid tumor) removal

We may be able to perform other ophthalmic procedures as well. Ask your veterinarian if you have concerns about your pet’s vision.

Spay & Neuter

The American Humane Society recommends that you spay or neuter your pet to protect their health and the health of pets throughout the local community. Neutering refers to the surgical removal of the testicles, while spaying refers to the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus. These procedures will eliminate the occurrence of certain reproductive organ cancers, such as prostate or ovarian cancer. Neutering your male pet can also have a positive impact on their behavior, such as marking or wandering away.

Mass Removal

If your cat or dog has a mass or tumor that needs to be removed, our surgical team can use electrocautery to debulk or entirely remove a pet’s cancerous growth with minimal effects on the surrounding tissue. This method can reduce or eliminate bleeding and pain, making the healing process faster and more comfortable for your pet.

Surgery for Exotic Pets

Our veterinarians are experienced at providing specialized care and treatment for exotic companion animals. We understand their unique health needs and can provide diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical services.

We can help your exotic pets with the following, and more:

  • Eye enucleation
  • Laceration repairs
  • Spay and neuter
  • Rectal prolapse correction
  • Tumor removal

If you have any questions about the surgical services provided by Animal Kingdom Pet Hospital, please call us at (281) 506-0766 or contact us online.

Pawsatively Raving Reviews

  • If you are looking for a professional, caring veterinary office this is the place.

    “Dr. Mike and his staff are the best. They always take such good care of my pups, Dusty and Korkie. In these uncertain times of Coronavirus, they picked up my dog for his surgical appt and will be ...”

    - Lynn Kershaw Smith
  • Treated Like Family

    “From the minute you walk in, you are treated like a family member, so happy we went to Dr Mike and staff.”

    - Maryann Pedregon
  • Caring & Understandable

    “Tami and Kristen put me at ease instantly! Tami is super funny and I'm so thankful she greeted me. Renee was also super nice and understanding! Pretty much anyone in the office is amazing! Dr. Mike is very caring and understandable.”

    - Jen P.
  • Completely Satisfied

    “Completely satisfied with your services and the way the staff and the veterinarian treat my pet and myself. Very nice and courteous.”

    - Josie Perales

    “I have nothing but praise for this office and all that work here. I showed up Tuesday with my very sick dog, unannounced. They immediately got us into a room and see us right away. I was in again today and this time was blessed to meet Dr. Mike.”

    - Lorrie S

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