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Pet Adoptions in League City

Happy, Healthy Pets for Local Forever Homes

Occasionally, Animal Kingdom Pet Hospital cares for animals that, for whatever reason, need to find a new home. Regardless of the circumstances through which these animals come to us, we make sure they’re healthy before we offer them up for adoption. We encourage all members of the League City community to adopt animals into their family rather than purchasing pets from a breeder. By adopting a pet, you’re giving an animal a fresh start and a new chance at a happy, healthy life.

Reasons to Adopt

  • You’ll be a lifesaver. According to the Humane Society, over one million cats and dogs are euthanized instead of being adopted in the United States. If more people considered adopting pets instead of buying them, less pets would be euthanized, and shelters would be able to take more animals in need.
  • Adopted animals are great pets. Just because a pet has ended up in a shelter or rescue doesn’t mean they won’t make a great pet. Many pets in shelters and rescues are happy and healthy and just need a family to love them.
  • Adoption saves you money. Most shelters will cover the cost of your new pet’s spay or neuter procedure and vaccinations in your pet’s adoption fee. Pets from breeders often come at a premium and may not include any of these benefits.
  • You’ll be fighting puppy mills and unhealthy breeding practices. Many puppies that you can buy from a pet store, online seller, or even a flea market are often from a puppy mill. These are breeding facilities that basically function like factories, which do not care about the welfare of the dogs they are breeding. By adopting, you will avoid letting these businesses profit off the mistreatment of animals.
  • Shelter or rescue animals are often already housetrained. It’s often the case that animals who end up in shelters are already housetrained, which means you’re saving time, money, and energy by adopting an already trained pet. You’ll be able to enjoy your pet right away!
  • Pets are good for you. No, really! Pets have been shown to be emotionally, psychologically, and physically beneficial to their human companions. Plus, when you adopt a pet, you get that extra good feeling of knowing you helped a pet in need.
  • Adoption helps other animals too. By adopting your pet, you’ll be making space for other pets who need a second chance to find a home too.
  • You’ll make your new pet very happy. Adopting a homeless animal will change not only their life, but your life as well. You’ll have a new best friend by your side for years to come!

Have questions about adopting from Animal Kingdom Pet Hospital? Looking for more information about currently adoptable pets? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (281) 506-0766 or by contacting us online.

Pawsatively Raving Reviews

  • If you are looking for a professional, caring veterinary office this is the place.

    “Dr. Mike and his staff are the best. They always take such good care of my pups, Dusty and Korkie. In these uncertain times of Coronavirus, they picked up my dog for his surgical appt and will be ...”

    - Lynn Kershaw Smith
  • Treated Like Family

    “From the minute you walk in, you are treated like a family member, so happy we went to Dr Mike and staff.”

    - Maryann Pedregon
  • Caring & Understandable

    “Tami and Kristen put me at ease instantly! Tami is super funny and I'm so thankful she greeted me. Renee was also super nice and understanding! Pretty much anyone in the office is amazing! Dr. Mike is very caring and understandable.”

    - Jen P.
  • Completely Satisfied

    “Completely satisfied with your services and the way the staff and the veterinarian treat my pet and myself. Very nice and courteous.”

    - Josie Perales

    “I have nothing but praise for this office and all that work here. I showed up Tuesday with my very sick dog, unannounced. They immediately got us into a room and see us right away. I was in again today and this time was blessed to meet Dr. Mike.”

    - Lorrie S

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